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International Alliance for Women in Music - Membership Form

Dues are paid annually in January
  • Please use this form to sign up online and create a username/password for online access. If you wish to mail-in a membership payment, please read and follow instructions below.

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  • Membership includes:

    A subscription to the Journal of the IAWM, published twice a year; access to participation in IAWM Congresses; opportunities for awards in composition, scholarship, and performance; optional IAWM Listserv for announcements and commentary; opportunities to participate in annual concerts; eligibility to run for and hold office positions within IAWM; and connections within a vibrant community made up of people in 30 countries on 5 continents for the purpose of celebrating and supporting women in music.

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  • Payment:

    The most secure way to pay membership dues is through PayPal. PayPal requires a $2 fee for use, which will be included in the membership price when you check out (included in the list below). International members are encouraged to use PayPal to avoid issues with currency exchange. (All prices are in US Dollars).

  • You may also pay dues by personal check, cashier’s check, or money order made out to IAWM. Please submit this form and select "Mail-In Payment" below OR print/complete/send this form. Send payment to:
    Christina Rusnak
    IAWM Treasurer
    2712 NE 13th Ave
    Portland, OR 97212

    Use the following dues schedule for your check/money order:
    Individual: $65
    Institutional: $65 (Journal only)
    Student: $30.00
    Senior (65 and over): $45.00
    Joint: $100
    Supporting: $95
    Lifetime: $1000 (may be paid in $200 installments over five years)
    Joint Lifetime: $1500 (may be paid in $300 installments over five years)

    No one is denied IAWM membership for inability to pay. Please contact the Treasurer at for alternative ways to contribute.

  • Optional: have you own Wordpress site via IAWM

    You need to enter a site name, i.e: susanw, and a site title, i.e: Susan iawm site in order for IAWM to create your IAWM Wordpress site dynamically.
    In the above example, the site url will be -, while the title of the website will be Susan iawm site.

  • The Site Address should be only the name you want it to be - i.e: susanw. Do not type in the field a complete url -