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Issues with Paypal Recurrent Payments

October 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

We have had some issues with Paypal automatically enrolling individuals in automatic renewals. While new members should not have the issue (we have removed this default from our payment options), older members may still have the problem. Please follow these instructions to remove your auto-enrolled settings as we cannot manage them from our end (must be done through Paypal):

Log on to Paypal, go to MyPaypal. Click on settings on the top right (next to “logout”). Scroll to the bottom right and click on “Preapproved Payments.” From there, you will see all pre-approved payment accounts – you can click on the individual ones and cancel them accordingly.

If you have had an automatic payment go through and also renewed manually, you have three options (please contact us accordingly):

1) Apply the automatic payment to next year’s membership fee.
2) Donate the fees to IAWM
3) Refund

Please be patient with us with regard to refunds – we are working on them as quickly and diligently as possible.

Thank you,

IAWM Board

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Updating Your Profile Information/Renewing Your Membership

June 18, 2014 in IAWM Administrator

Thanks for joining our new online membership database!

To update your profile information or renew your membership online** please follow these instructions:

1) Login to our system (if you do not have a username/password, register here)


2) Click on your username (right-hand menu) – shown below circled in green



3) Under your profile picture, click on “profile” – shown below circled in green



4) Under “profile” click on “edit” *** – shown below circled in green



5) If you’re renewing, select “Renew Membership” and change information/make payment as needed. If you’re updating your profile ONLY, select “Profile Edit” and “Profile Edit” under payment – change information as needed.

**If you wish to renew via snail-mail, please print this form and send payment. You will also have to log in and update your profile information (as in the above instructions).

***You can also change your profile picture by click on “change avatar” next to the profile “edit” option

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Beta testing in progress

October 13, 2013 in IAWM Administrator

The IAWM members area is being beta tested for performance and any bugs, so that we ensure our members will have a seamless and productive experience on this website. Thank you for your continuing support and we look forward to providing online tools, which we hope will be useful for you, in effectively communicating with other IAWM members.

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Welcome to the members area of IAWM

February 18, 2013 in IAWM Administrator

Welcome to the members area of IAWM. The members area provides you a platform to interact with other IAWM members, within our eco system, while providing you conveniences such as online membership renewals, sign-ups, music uploads, have your own web presence – to name a few. We hope you will make use of these features and be an integral part of IAWM. Thank you!